“Lisa’s presentation about neuroscience, team spirit and happiness at work was both sharp and entertaining. She gave all 90 employees an inspiring boost to take action and increase effectivity and happiness at HOFOR.”
– Simon Dreyer, Strategy Consultant Business Development, HOFOR A/S

“Intense and intriguing insight into the neuroscience of happiness. 50 employees at EUC Nordvest followed the series of keynotes given by Louise and Lisa with great pleasure and learnings. Utmost inspiring, based on the latest science and with many great references – highly recommended.”
– Hans Chr. Jeppesen, Direktør, EUC Nordvest

Credible and inspiring. Innovation Lab delivered a fantastic keynote that put many thoughts in action.
– Morten Fabiansson Zwergius, Chief Consultant Service Strategy, BEC

Out of 4 possible points, your keynote scored 3.98 in our evaluation with 98 participants. People are stoked! Thank you again, Louise.
– Finn Uldum, CTO, Visma

The content of your keynote was really good, but the impact of your performance made the experience excellent! I am not usually a fan of keynotes, but your presentation was both interesting and catching, Louise.
– Tom B Hansen, AS3 Outplacement

If you’re looking for an exciting, inspirational look into the future of innovation & technology delivered in a passionated and very untraditional way – you won’t be disappointed engaging Louise!
– Frans Lykke Østergaard, Google 

THANK YOU SO MUCH for an excellent keynote yesterday, Louise. You received so much praise from all around. We are very impressed about your big knowledge about the topic and your great presentation skills. Wow you can tell stories! And not least because you meet people on their level. The positive energy you brought with you remained present the rest of the day.
– Lisbeth Bygsø-Petersen, Director, AS3

Louise created an incredibly innovative conference that really spurred participants to thinking about new ways of working. As an international speaker, I have rarely been involved with an organization that has this level of innovation, creativity, and forward thinking. I am eager to collaborate any time again.
– Laura Delizonna, Professor, Stanford University (Palo Alto, California)

Rarely, yes, only a few times I have come across a person who is truly brilliant, acting as a catalyst and lifting the process, discussion or project into a different league, yet keeping focus. Louise has an enormous mental capacity, is inspiring and a great pleasure to work with.
– Preben Mejer, Co-founder Innovation Lab

Thank you for one more inspiring keynote! Your usual nice energy  and sharp points were a real plus to our conference. It must be tough not to be happy around you 🙂
– Sidse Tolstrup Ørndrup, HR Manager, Visma Consulting

Great keynote you delivered at our meeting yesterday. It kickstarted many reflections in our team…
– Per Sandberg, VP, TDC