Our projects typically run for 6-8 months, with a half or full-day workshop per month and individual work in between sessions. Here we go in depth with the company’s unique culture and work together on permanently lifting your wellbeing and your job satisfaction.

  • More than 1,800 participants evaluated our course with 4.7 out of a possible 5
  • We have lifted employee satisfaction by 8% in 7 months, in a larger Danish organization
  • Our projects are evaluated by 71% of participants, to “greatly” have changed their attitude and personal mindset
  • Feel free to ask for detailed references

We believe that the company provides the foundation for job satisfaction, but the responsibility ultimately lies with the individual and this is our starting point in each project. Below you can see an example of a possible program design:

Module 1: It all starts with YOU!

You are born with 50% of your happiness level, 10% comes from your surroundings and 40% of how happy you are is something you can influence and change. In our first module we take a look at the brain’s habits and what you can do to change them, and lift your overall happiness level – and understand brain plasticity and ability to change.

Module 2: The happy team

The second module is about how we incorporate more happiness in our teams. What methods, tools and techniques we can use everyday to incorporate new habits of joy? And what fits the meetings and teams your culture consists of and how can we establish a framework in which it is possible to work systematically with improving happiness?

Module 3: Exercise & the brain

“Exercise is most important for the brain, and secondary to the body” sais one of the world’s leading brain researchers. Module 3 is about why exercise is so important for the brain and for our overall happiness level – and goes in depth with results we personally and as a team can achieve in everyday life.

Module 4: Let it spread – a culture based on happiness

In Module 4, we’ll take a look inside companies that are working strategically with happiness – including Google and Facebook. At Google, there are over 1,500 people on the waiting list for the training program “Search Inside Yourself” which is about quality of life and job satisfaction; we look at both the good experiences and the low hanging fruits that your culture can be inspired by.

Module 5: Social medicine

Your happiness depends enormously on your relationships – both at home and at work, as the largest studies about happiness show again and again. In Module 5 we look at what science calls “social medicine” – which is basically all about how relationships affect us. The module consists of methods to strengthen the depth of our relationships, friendships and family ties,  with experience and research from some of the world’s most respected professionals in the field. We take a look at how we can implement stronger ties within the team and the culture.

Module 6

The content of this module is coordinated in cooperation, according to needs and demands from the first 5 modules.

Time frame: typically 6-8 months
Price: from 4.500 per person

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