In autumn 2016 we offer 3 courses on a variety of dates in which you individually or with a few colleagues can participate. The course lasts a full day and the dates will be published in June.

  • Hardwire your brain for happiness. A course that gives you the tools to change your brain permanently.
  • Exercise & happiness: Exercise is mainly for your brain, secondary to your body. Gain insight into brain science and understand how much you can do by using exercise as a strategic tool for your performance, creativity, happiness and memory.
  • The sleep revolution: the science of your sleep, says much more than just 7-8 hours is good for you. Did you know that you are 30% less happy on the days where you have slept too little? Or do you know what the blue light of your computer screen does to your melatonin levels in the brain and how it can affect the quality of your sleep? We take a nerdy look at it.

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