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New Ways of Working by Innovation Lab 

New Ways of Working is Innovation Labs core competencies in the field relating to our ways of working and developing ourselves. We have the past 8 years served as an international satellite that has accumulated experiences, best practices, methodologies and knowledge from the world’s most innovative companies such as Pixar Animation Studios, Facebook, Uber, Google, Singularity University and many others.

Our focus is on the foundation for high performance and success: job satisfaction and the personal mindset.

We use our knowledge and insight to help Danish and international companies to perform better and create cultures and work environments which increase wellbeing permanently.

Innovation Lab 

Innovation Lab’s unique strength lies in a broad, up-to-date and internationally founded knowledge in technology, users and business. We use this knowledge to make current developments relevant and useful, so we and our partners can translate them into concrete actions and valuable new products and services.

Since 2003 , we have built an international network of close to 2500 contacts in research, product development and entrepreneurship. The network is our ” antenna association”, through which we gain an overview of what’s coming , what technologies and trends can be used, and who is furthest with what. Where our own expertise is insufficient, we are usually able to connect to the most updated personalities worldwide. Our insight gives us a fairly accurate idea of what will affect our lives in organizations throughout the next 2-3 years.

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Louise Opprud Jakobsen (louise@ilab.dk, +45 28578519)

Head of New Ways of Working is Louise Opprud Jakobsen.

Louise is an international speaker who has spent the last 6 years learning about the DNA of the world’s most innovative companies. She has roots in Silicon Valley and has spent much time at Google, Pixar, Facebook, Stanford University, IDEO, Institute For The Future and many other exciting international front runners – to learn leadership styles, innovation processes, methods and cultures.

Today she spends most of her time to condense this knowledge in projects for Danish and Scandinavian companies who want to develop in line with the main trends. The last two years she has also worked with: ATEA, Weekend newspaper, Oticon, Nets, Skandia, Google, Rockwool, Radisson Blu, LEGO, etc.


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Lisa Illik
 (lisa@ilab.dk, +45 30863608)

Lisa is Innovation Lab’s “people nerd” and works with both “the personal mindset” and “diversity” (www.diversitybyilab.com) from an economic and cultural organisational perspective. Based on neuroscience.

Roots in Hungary, upbringing in Germany, family in Australia and a living in Denmark have geared her mindset to use the best of different worlds, be radical open to change and maintain curiosity for tomorrows skills in an ever changing reality.

Over the last 8 years, Lisa’s work for and with international giants and underdogs (including Porsche, Bestseller, TDC) has given her a broad understanding of people as the most important asset in business. Today, she uses her knowledge in projects with Scandinavian companies who want to maintain their status as front runners on international level, when it comes to ways of working.


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